Filling the Water Quality Needs of People, Industry and Our Environment
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The crystal clear solution for your water problems
is now 'green' & digital.

Once again, Puronics® has advanced the technology of water treatment with the development of the Clarius-WTM whole-house system. Through the implementation of 'green' technology, Clarius-WTM provides high-quality water without the use of salt, potassium or chemicals. With the integration of a computerized control valve, this system performs even more cost effectively so you save more money and the environment.

Puronics® combines the advanced technology of its SilverShield® (incorporating NASA Technology) with 'green' technology to lead the industry in improving the health of your family and the Earth.

Green Technology

  • No Salt!
  • No Potassium!
  • No Chemicals!

Computerized Control

  • Patented Solid State Microprocessor controls operation of system
  • 1" control for higher flow rates
  • Double backwash ensures a clean filter media bed
  • Ensures consistent superior quality water

Three Piece Tank

  • Inner liner of Polyethylene
  • Outer layer of fiberglass
  • Stainless Steel outer cover

MicroSilver Bacteriostasis™ Technology

  • Microscopic particles of silver are embedded into SilverShield® HYgene® media to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter media bed.


  • SilverShield® HYgene® media reduces objectionable chlorine and chloramine tastes and odors


  • Purifex® media uses 'green' technology to condition water to make it smooth and gentle while leaving the healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium in your water


  • AltaPure® effectively removes suspended solids as small as 5 microns


  • Silica gravel polishes water to a sparkling clarity

Clarius-WTM is not a water softener and does not remove hardness from the water.

Contaminants or other substances which can be removed by the Puronics® MicromaxTM system are not necessarily in your water. Operational maintenance and replacement requirements are essential for the product to perform as advertised.


NASA Technology at work in your home

  • MicroSilver Bacteriostasis™ Technology is based on NASA silver ion technology developed to purify water on the Space Shuttle Orbiters.
  • SilverShield® HYgene® filter media - incorporates MicroSilver Bacteriostasis™ Technology into activated carbon to inhibit bacteria growth within the system's filter media while reducing objectionable tastes and odors.
Environmental Protection Agency Registered No. 35900-2 No. 35900-3
Climate Leaders U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Caring for your Water. Caring for your Family.
Since 1947 Puronics has provided whole-house and drinking water solutions to hundreds of thousands of customers to improve the quality or their municipal or well water and improve the quality of their lives.

The Clear Choice for Meeting Your Unique Water Quality Needs.
We utilize our experience, expertise and creativity to implement the right combination from our Technology Toolbox to solve the unique water problems for hundreds of commercial and light-industry customers.

A Legacy of Industry Leading Water Purification.
Founded on the development of new technology in 1947, Puronics continues the advancement of technology to ensure the highest quality water such as SilverShield Protection derived from NASA's silver ion technology developed for the Space Shuttle Orbiters.

Solutions to Benefit You and the Environment.
We manufacture a wide array of water treatment equipment to meet the water quality needs of people, business and the environment.

Reliable Performance You Can Count On.
Widely recognized as the industry leader in manufacturing high quality, durable products that perform reliably with certifications from the EPA, NSF and WQA as evidence.